Thank You:

As we look forward to the upcoming Young Plant Season, we sincerely thank all of our customers, brokers and sales reps. for your support.  We really appreciate you!


Beginning with the 2018-19 Young Plant Season we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer the formerly exclusive GreenFuse Botanicals genetics to ALL Brokers.  Pell Greenhouse has been a Rooting Station for GreenFuse products for over 20 years and we are excited to supply some of the best genetics in the market.  Blanket Petunias, Fuchsia, Ipomoea, Calibrachoa and Good & Plenty Petunias are among the favorites.  GreenFuse also brings some of the more unique plants such as Rex Begonia, Streptocarpus and Anigozanthos to the market.  We are looking forward to making new and great relationships!

Regal and Scented Geraniums:

Along with the GreenFuse Products, we will continue to offer the Regal Elegance Geraniums (Martha Washington's) and an updated version of the Citronella Scented Geranium called Lemona.  To see our Geranium selection please click on the Catalog Tab.  We have discontinued all of our other Young Plants Products.

Pell Greenhouse has prided itself on providing Excellent Quality & Superiour Service for the past 48 years.  We plan to continue to go above and beyond to Meet Your Needs & Exceed Your Expectations.  We look forward to supplying your needs and as always, please do not hesitate to call/email with questions or concerns.